On Sparkle, your content has value.

No algorithms, no tricks. You post it, we deliver it.

You and your audience 100% connected in one single place.

Sparkle believes that social media exist for a purpose: to connect and discover, not imprison. That's why 100% of your posts are delivered to your audience. And you don't have to pay a single dime for it!

The content you generate on other social media also matters. On Sparkle, you can integrate your YouTube channel and your WordPress blog so that your followers can see everything you do, in any channel.

You can integrate your YouTube channel and your WordPress blog to Sparkle.

Your social media gathered in one app.

Your content organized in tracks, by topic.

Content in audio (up to 15 minutes), video (up to 3 minutes), images, links, and texts.

Paid or free content? You decide.

Would your followers pay for your content? With Sparkle, you can find out!

In one single profile, you create free tracks for those who want to learn more about your content, and paid tracks for an engaged audience that is interested in your more exclusive materials.

This is Sparkle's subscription system, that can be used for:

  • Creating crowdfunding and continuous campaigns for personal and business projects.
  • Offering access to private tracks or communities with special content.
  • Offering monthly materials such as newsletters, ebooks, content curation on specific subject matters, consultancy in communities, and audiovisual content.

On Sparkle, you get 91% of the price of subscriptions. Whenever there's a new subscription or a renewal, the commission is 9% per sale, with a minimum value of BRL 1.49.

You can set up the subscriptions with prices only, or select private tracks and communities as bonus.

The minimum price for a subscription is 5.00 BRL per month, without a maximum limit for you to sell your content.

Payments are recurrent and per month, charged are automatically to the credit card.

Do you miss Forums?
Go beyond and build communities.

You don't have to do everything on your own. There are two kinds of tracks on Sparkle: Channel and Community.

With a Sparkle Channel, only you and your approved collaborators can post content.

And on the Sparkle Community, all the members of the track are permitted to post content, starting new topics and discussions, with your moderation.

In both models, you can create public or private tracks. With Sparkle, the control of the content is always on your hands.

It doesn't matter who you are. Sparkle is for you.

What has Sparkle got for you?

Completely free resources for those who create and follow content that matters.

  • App 100% free
  • Available on the App Store and Google Play
  • Mobile and web access
  • Web login via QR code
  • Complete security to your personal data
  • Available in English, Spanish, and Portuguese
  • Personalization of profiles with images that link to social media, blog, websites, and others
  • Posts in text, audio of up to 15 minutes, videos of up to 3 minutes, external links, and pictures
  • Fonts and graphics resources for video and picture posts
  • Videos with "pause and record" effect for simple editing
  • Replies and comments in text and audio
  • Temporary posts (of up to 8 hours long) or permanent
  • Option to pin a post to the track
  • Integration with YouTube and/or WordPress for automatic creation of posts
  • Integration with the Hotmart platform
  • Monthly and recurrent subscriptions
  • Subjects organized by content tracks
  • Really relevant topics to follow
  • Two options of tracks: Channel (personal) and Community (collective)
  • Two options of privacy for the tracks: Public and Private
  • Two options of visibility for the tracks: Visible and Hidden
  • Bonus tracks (integration with digital products via Hotmart)
  • Tags and descriptions on the tracks
  • Option to invite collaborators for the tracks
  • Embed of tracks, profile, and sparks for sites and blogs