Take back the control over what you want to see, listen to, and read.

Sparkle is the social media that puts you first (and not the algorithms).
A smartphone using the community interface on Sparkle.

Everything you wanted back in a social media

Pick your favorite topics and find your place among the hundreds of communities on Sparkle. Join the conversation, have fun, share your nostalgia, subscribe to exclusive content from your favorite idols, and don't miss out on anything anymore.

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Your feed, your rules!

Pictures and videos you see as soon as they are posted, links that you chose to see on your timeline, and audios that you will always want to listen! Sparkle is everything you want your social media to be, it respects your choices, your privacy, and doesn't turn you into statistics for ads.

  • Posts links, videos, pictures, texts, and audios;
  • Create an participate in communities from a variety of topics;
  • Without algorithms and tricks; you get all the content, and everyone sees what you post.
Sparkle Manifesto

You are one choice away from getting back the power of truly sharing something.